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ÀJË, The Great Mothers,Witches & Brujas

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Discover the meaning of ÀJË The Energy and The Persona

Aje:The Energy and The Persona



By: Chief FAMA

Across the board, there has been a high demand for ÀJË pot and ÀJË staff (õpa'gà). But, how much is understood of ÀJË ? To discuss ÀJË pot and ÀJË staff, it is ideal to discuss ÀJË, the energy; ÀJË, the persona.

Who is ÀJË and what constitutes ÀJË ? Popular western mythology considers ÀJË to be a witch. Is that so? In my opinion, there is a huge difference between ÀJË of the Yorùbá mythology and the witch of the western mythology. The analogue here can best be compared to Èÿù of the Yorùbá myth and Satan/Devil of the Christian mythology. Just as Èÿù wields a powerful influence in Yorùbá religion, ÀJË wields enormous power.

ÀJË Definition

ÀJË doubles in definition: ÀJË the energy (witchcraft) and ÀJË the persona (witch). Even though the name, ÀJË, is used interchangeably, ÀJË the energy is the core of the definition. To be an ÀJË (witch), one must have acquired ÀJË the energy, referred to in Yorùbá local parlance as 'gba çyç àjë' (receive the bird of ÀJË.) The receipt of the ÀJË in this instance is not the same thing as receiving a physical pot of ÀJË. Also, the reference to 'bird' in the parlance does not mean that a bird is literally received, either. ÀJË, the energy, is invisible; it is usually transmitted invisibly and discretely, too. ÀJË the energy can be inborn, it can be acquired and it can be received unsolicited.

ÀJË Example

An example of an inborn ÀJË can be found in young children who are naturally pure in spirit and innocent in character by virtue of their closeness to nature at the early ages. At this stage of young children's lives, the purity of their minds are without equal and their acts without prejudice. If a particular child has ÀJË, such a child's pronouncements will be laden, surprisingly, with forecasts of future events and/or accurate references to past occurrences. In a particular instance, the child might reveal information about his/her past life -family history, occupation, even his/her gender in that past life.

For example, a young male child once asked his parents, "Where are my tools?" This child was about three years old at the time. He had rushed to his parents from outside while playing with other children when he asked the question. In this family, there was once a knowledgeable herbalist. The herbalist had died decades before the child was born. Since it was already predicted that the herbalist would reincarnate, his tools and other significant elements of his trade were kept in an attic, out of everyone's reach. So, when this child asked for his tools, his parents took him to the room and showed him the tools. That was the end of that story at that stage as the child never asked for the tools again.

Surprisingly, that child whose past professional life was that of a herbalist, is now a medical doctor, a gynecologist. He made it through medical school successfully, in spite of the suffocating challenges of going to college in his country. To date, this gentleman's inborn energy still propels him as it seems that almost all his decisions and actions are successful. Enlightened minds are not surprised about these achievements, but the uninitiated wonder.

ÀJË Types

Another type of ÀJË can be acquired but it does not come in a pot. Rather, it is usually induced. There are many forms of this type of ÀJË; I will limit my writing to just two. The first ÀJË in this category lasts for short periods of time whenever it is used. The instrument to induce the ÀJË in this category is usually put under the pillow at bed time. I will call it a pillow charm. If this pillow charm is properly prepared, any harm intended for the user will be revealed before the plotter has the chance to carry out the deed. Beyond that, ÀJË 's actions can be viewed remotely by the user, if she/he is brave enough to dare such intrusive act. This vision is like looking into a mirror - the user sees the ÀJË 's action as it unfolds because she/he is momentarily transported to the esoteric sphere where she/he is able to monitor the action from that level. This is the safest way to observe ÀJË and oÿó (wizard), the persona, in their natural, spiritual habitat. Once the user is out of bed, however, or the pillow charm is removed, the vision ceases.

The Most Dangerous intrusive instrument to receive of ÀJË

The other ÀJË instrument in the category comes in the form of incisions under the eyes. This action induces permanent vision. The person who has this procedure instantly witnesses ÀJË 's activities whenever she/he is around ÀJË, the energy. This is the most dangerous intrusive instrument on 's activities and/or enclave. From witnesses' accounts, an intruder's eye or eyes can be remotely impaired or compromised, leaving the person blind permanently, except if the person has been fortified ahead to fight off the expected injury.

ÀJË Instruments

Of the ÀJË instruments enumerated above, the pillow charm possesses less risk as its usage is somehow limited to fending off attack or preventing an attack.

The most potent ÀJË is the one transmitted from one person to the other, mostly from a mother to her daughter. Sometimes, from a family member to a new born baby girl; or from another ÀJË , such as a midwife, who might have played an important role during the birth of a baby. The ÀJË in this instance is multifaceted - she has ÀJË, the energy, and she is ÀJË, the persona. ÀJË has the natural ability to see beyond the unclothed eyes: she has an invisible "third eye." She does not depend on any instrument to view or see anyone or any action. She is herself the energy and the action. Her ÀJË, the power, lasts her entire lifetime. A lucky living being blessed with this type of ÀJË is an endowed spiritualist. ÀJË uses her ÀJË energy to diagnose; treat; heal; change bad luck to good luck; change misfortune to gain; loss to profit. In line with Olódùmarè's will of 'good and bad' going together, ÀJË has her own share of this cosmic justice. She can unleash her ÀJË arsenal, without mercy, if it becomes necessary for her to win a case.

This recognition of ÀJË 's might brought about her many alias, some of which are: Àgbà (elder); Ìyá (mother); Ìyá mi (my mother); Ìyá àbíyè (mother of a child that will not die), meaning that the ÀJË being so addressed at this juncture, will not attack or kill a child remotely. Importantly, this definition should not be confused with the 'Ìyá Àbiyè' title in the Ògbóni society. Then, çlçyç (one who possesses a bird) - a fighting term. So, is ÀJË a bad energy; a wicked person? No. ÀJË is good, both ways. ÀJË, the persona, is given an enormous gift by Olódùmarè and she should be so appraised and extolled so that humans can benefit positively and profitably from her influence with the cosmic forces.

Õÿë Òtúrá in the Odù Ifá

According to Õÿë Òtúrá in the Odù Ifá, Õÿun was the first human to possess ÀJË. The chant, explanation and messages from a verse of this Õÿë Òtúrá chapter can be found in Sixteen Mythological Stories of Ifá (Ìtà ifá "Mërìndínlógún), by Chief FAMA, which is available online at and

How did Õÿun get ÀJË, the energy? Olódùmarè empowered Õÿun with the ÀJË. Then, He sanctioned Õÿun's actions ahead of the ÀJË being tested or used. This everlasting sanction holds true to date as ÀJË are the only beings on earth capable of transmitting ÀJË, the energy, to other deserving beings. After Olódùmarè endowed Õÿun with ÀJË, Õÿun used her newly bestowed power to call her male colleagues to order when they went against Olódùmarè's order of inclusiveness to that of exclusiveness. With their inability to find solution to their sudden failure, the these male Irúnmôlê trooped back to Olódùmarè. They explained their ordeals to Him. Being the architects of their own ordeals, Olódùmarè directed them back to earth and pointed out their mistakes. They followed Olódùmarè's instructions and regained control of their given tasks.

With Õÿun's ÀJË, these Irúnmôlê learned of check and balances, they developed a sense of community, and a sense of comradeship and that of partnership. Õÿun's ÀJË went from being physically powerless to being spiritually powerful. At the same time, the discipline of nurturing, forgiveness and transcendency was imparted to women through Õÿun. Harmony between the genders was strongly established at this initial stage of human cohabitation.

Olódùmarè gave Öÿun the instruction

As it is, Olódùmarè gave Öÿun the instruction, blessing and everlasting sanction to hold, use and transmit ÀJË reverentially to deserving beings, most especially females. ÀJË became a worthy gift, the highest and most rewarding spiritual gift, that an ÀJË can give to her child or to anyone else she feels strongly about. This is where the Yorùbá parlance of 'gba çyç ÀJË' holds forth the most. This is the only medium through which ÀJË is received.

Àbôrú àbôyè.

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Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith
Feb 19, 2022

Aboru Aboye thank you for the over-standing meaning “Aje” 🤍🌻


Aboru Aboye. Excellent read! Thank you for sharing 💛

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