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Our team is composed of competent men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving the community internationally.

We are located in America, Brazil, and Nigeria.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is a better gauge of our competency in ATR culture and traditions. Our clients are always impressed by our highly trained priests and priestesses. They are an authority in the spiritual community internationally.

Our Philosophy

Our philiosophy is simple, clear and precise. Honor ones destiny and commit ourselves to serving the tribe with pride.

Our Commitment to Results

Our commitment to results are result driven. We are committed to excellence and this drives our team to seek concrete realization of our commitments to the community. 

Our Experience

We have over 100 years of combined experience as a temple and family. This experience gives us wisdom that can't be denied. We have been honored and awarded titles such as Chieftaincy and Awise based upon the expertise exhibited throughout the diaspora and internationally. The experience is lineage-based and it's both our honor and duty to continue to serve the community worldwide.

The Team

Our Chief who we honorably call Awise has put an international team together that spans from Africa to America to Brazil.

Awise Ifadapo Elebuibon


Awise Ifadapo Elebuibon is beloved around the world for not only his wisdom but his enormous heart. He cares deeply for his people all around the world. He works tirelessly on behalf of the people and you never hear him complain. He is a walking example of balance. He exudes courage, tenacity, passion, and drive. It makes it easy to serve him and follow his lead. He is an exceptional oluwo (teacher) and his students love his style and delivery. He is truly bridging the gap between the motherland and diaspora. 

Phone: +234-803-381-2886


Iyanifa Ifakemi Elebuibon


Iyanifa Ifakemi Elebuibon is the Apetebi to Awise Ifadapo Elebuibon. She is affectionately known as the Akose Queen. A name given to her by the community. She makes and sells spiritual products that has flooded the community both domesticly and internationally. She currently serves 26 states in America and is excited to serve you as well. She is known for being a mother to many, and supports the temple utilizing her gifts and skills. She is a mother, wife, Iyanifa, speaker, teacher and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to serving the tribe with pride. 

Phone: +234-803-381-2886

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