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Ogunderin Temple Photo


Are you interested in initiations into Isese? Are you being called by Ifa? Are you being called by the orisha? Are you ready to learn about the culture of the Yoruba people? If so please contact us by filling out the contact form below so we can determine if this is the path for you.




Welcome to Nigeria where we have two temples for your Ifa Isese needs. One temple is located in Lagos, Nigeria while the other is located in Osgobo Nigeria. Both temples are fully equipt to serve you and all of your spiritual needs. 



Welcome to Lagos where we have a temple to serve all of your spiritual needs. From Ifa initiations to Orisha initiations to studying the Ifa Corpus also referred to as Odu Ifa. Join us in Lagos we are ready to receive you. 

Lagos Initiation
Osogbo Initiations



Welcome to Osogbo the home of the infamous Osun river and Osun groove. We have a temple located in this prestigious and historic place known all around the world. We welcome you to come to our beloved temple and experience the reason why thousand make a pilgrimage to this Holy place annually. 



We have the ability to provide full initiations in Brazil. We have a knowledgeable team of awo's who are ready and able to assist you on your journey into the lifestyle of Isese. 

Brazil Initiations
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