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Our Services are tailored to cater to the needs of each individual and or family. It is our honor to serve and assist you. Please let us know how we can help by clicking the link.


Initiations are currently conducted in Nigeria and Brazil. Initiations in America are coming soon. 



We offer many ceremonies such as naming ceremonies, Isefa (hand of Ifa), and marriage ceremonies just to name a few. These ceremonies are a vital part of the Yoruba culture and tradition and are offered worldwide.

Ifa School

Come learn Ifa from a family of prestigious Babalawo's, Iyanifa's, and Awo's. Ifa school can be attended both in person and virtually contact us to learn more. 


Ifa Consultations

We are pleased to inform you that we offer Ifa consultations that are conducted by authentic Babalawo and Iyanifa. Our Priests and priestesses have all been trained for a minimum of ten years. This is our policy which ensures each and every person who comes to our temple is receiving a legitimate reading and ebo. Please contact us to schedule your consultation, we looking forward to working with you.

Ifa Festivals

You are cordially invited to join our family in Nigeria to participate in our numerous festivals throughout the year. Such as Shango, Obatala, Ogun, Ochossi, Egbe, Oya, Oshun, Olokun, and Egungun just to name a few. We recently concluded our annual Ifa Festival which was extremely successful. We want to once again thank our godchildren from around the world. Our honorable elder Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon of Osogbo. All the priests, priestesses, worshipers, family, and friends. May we all be blessed to gather once again in celebration of Ifa. 

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