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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Ogunda Onisese Temple

1. Tell the truth, don’t claim to know something that you don’t know.

2. Perform rituals and ceremonies that one has mastery of. Don’t do things one does not

know how to do.

3. Lead yourself and others with truth. Don’t mislead people.

4. Advise people with truth and fact. Don’t deceive people.

5. Demonstrate humility at all times. Don’t allow ego to influence ones actions.

6. Be trust worthy at all times. Don’t be dishonest to ones self or others.

7. Follow ones laws and laws that are given to them. Don’t break taboo.

8. Respect ones self, others, and all sacred items of Ifa and Orisa.

9. Provide for those less fortunate.

10. Respect and be humble to all elders.

11. Respect and Follow all traditional moral laws.

12. Hold oaths and secrets to be sacred. Don’t break oaths and reveals secrets.

13. Take care and provide for all children.

14. Honor ones ancestors.

15. Contribute to ones community.

16. Respect the all mighty Creator of this Universe.

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