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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

How to properly identify the 16 Major Odu Ifa from the Sacred Oracle of Odu Ifa?

Please see the chart below:

Ogunderin Temple has decided to provide the community with the above chart which will allow you to properly identify the 16 major odu Ifa from the Ifa corpus. If you have ever wondered or were interested in studying Odu Ifa this is a great place to begin.

Where to Begin?

The chart begins from left to right. Start with the first box to the left of the chart called Eji-Ogbe. You will proceed to read the Odu's by reading from left to right. Then you will go to the following row and proceed with the same rules. Left to right.

Our recommendation?

We recommend you memorize the 16 Major Odu's just as you would the alphabet. Once you have been able to identify them verbally its time to move to the next step.

"Ifa Says bit by bit we eat the head of the rat." Meaning take your time

Shall we continue?

Next we would recommend you to study the markings as shown above. You should be able to identify the odu based upon the markings and or lines shown above.

Did this help?

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May Ifa Bless you and your family.

We wish you, long life, good health, peace, prosperity and happiness.

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